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What is ISO 9001:

This is one of the international standards which specify the requirement of quality management systems in a particular organization. It is used by companies to show their ability for continuously providing goods and services for full customer satisfaction or can meet the needs of clients perfectly. There are various different documents in ISO 9000 family but only 9001 is the only standard that needs certification or this is the only standard in the series that an organization can certify. Earlier the standard was published in 1987 but recently it has been updated in 2015 which is applicable for organizations. 

There are few features of the current version of QMS or ISO 9001:2015.

  • A process for regular enhancement of the company became structured, monitored and effective.
  • The strategy of process and product are well defined and implemented.
  • Resources and infrastructure to get the goal are achieved through it.
  • Through this, the quality goals can be very clearly defined to the staff of the organization.
  • The trust of the client can be taken into account through decision making and procedures of the standard.
  • Responsibilities can be managed through it, within the linkages.
  • The verification process for management can be defined and understood easily.

Requirements for ISO 9001:

There is certain documentation which is necessary for an organization to get ISO-9001:2015 certification, few of them are mentioned by 361 Certifications as following

  • Determined context of the organization and interested parties
  • Way for addressing risks and opportunities
  • The competence, training and awareness
  • The procedure of equipment maintenance and measuring equipment
  • Well maintained Procedure for document and record control
  • Proper Sales procedure
  • Procedure for design and development
  • Process for production and service provision
  • Warehousing procedure
  • Procedure for management of nonconformities and corrective actions
  • Well monitored customer satisfaction
  • The internal audit
  • The management review

This certification refers that the company is compliant with the requirement with a lot of mentioned benefits which are well explained

  • It satisfies all the needs of the customer as through it a company can identify its requirements in the market and by the proper insight, it can produce and deliver exactly what is needed by the clients from them.
  • The QMS integrates all the internal policies and procedures of a company as this certification aims to well organize the procedures of any organization.
  • It is not an easy feat to get an ISO 9001 or QMS as it put the company in rank from all around the world and so enhance the reputation of it.
  • This is focused on improves products and services and hence continuously promotes the development of the employees and the company culture itself.
  • The certification impels that the company meets international standards of practice.

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