Business Continuity Essentials (BCE) Certification

The ECB certification is granted to companies that wish to open new business opportunities and identify and manage current and potential customers. Future threats that are about to implement ISO 22301. With this certification, companies demonstrate compliance with the key clauses of ISO 22301 in its management system, such as:

  • Understanding of the organization and its context.
  • Activities, functions, services, products, associations, supply chains, relationships with stakeholders and the potential impact of an incident.
  • Determine the scope of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
  • Define the external and internal factors that create the uncertainty caused by the risk.
  • Ensure management support for implementation
  • Operational planning for the evaluation and treatment of information security risk.
  • investment Management
  • access control approach
  • safety

The ECB certification (also known as "registration") is granted by a third party as PECB after an audit has confirmed that the organization has complied with the essential clauses. This certification is maintained by planned annual Surveillance audits by the registrar with three-year recertification of business continuity.

Benefits of BCE certification to your organization:

  • Less implementation effort through fewer controls.
  • Save money by reducing the cost of bidding
  • ISO 22301 certified implementers and auditors do not require additional training
  • Show important stakeholders (customers, suppliers, and partners) that your organization is resilient
  • Get a competitive edge and improve your company's reputation
  • Very viable step to achieve full ISO 22301 certification
  • Increase the credibility of the organization.
  • Ensures the continuity of the products and services offered and reduces the impact of emergencies and failures
  • Ensures compliance with laws, regulators, and customers.

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