ISO/TS 29001 Certification

ISO / TS 29001 specifies the requirements for the quality management system for the petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas industries. The main objective is to increase customer confidence in daily operations through the effective application of the system and the implementation of continuous improvement processes, guarantee of compliance and regulatory requirements.

The oil and gas industry requires systematic and rigorous controls, and any negligence can lead to huge and unrecoverable losses. It is crucial to have a quality management system that facilitates the monitoring of all operations within the organization. The PECB certification according to ISO / TS 29001 is, therefore, the way to guarantee the desired quality in your company.

What is the ISO / TS 29001 certification?

ISO / TS 29001 as an international standard is the result of cooperation between ISO and the international oil and gas industry, which mainly focuses on the oil and gas supply chain. Specifies the requirements for quality management systems for the design, installation, production and implementation of products and services for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

In addition, ISO / TS 29001 is based on ISO 9001, which contains requirements for error prevention, reduction of deviations and waste disposal of the service provider. These requirements were written separately to ensure clarity and visibility. This standard is suitable for all companies in the oil and gas industry, as it was developed to guarantee quality and improvement in this particular sector.

Why is ISO / TS 29001 Certification oil and gas management important to you?

Since the oil and gas industry is one of the most vulnerable industries, quality management processes and qualified professionals in this area are crucial. Improper handling of dangerous liquids and gases can cause serious damage to people and the environment. Therefore, a high level of operational safety is crucial for this industry to guarantee safety and maintain a trouble-free operation. This is also beneficial for the company, as it receives recognition for offering the best quality/security products/services. An effective way to achieve this is to obtain the ISO / TS 29001 certification. With your experience, you are providing excellence to stakeholders and improving the reputation of the company.

Benefits of ISO / TS 29001 certification for your business:

  • Increase efficiency and sales.
  • Improvement of relations with suppliers.
  • Safe environment for your business
  • Waste reduction in the product and supply chain.
  • Supervised performance and continuous improvement
  • International recognition

Benefits of the ISO / TS 29001 certification for its customers:

  • Minor complaints
  • Ensure safety, quality and reliability.
  • Improved protection and integration provision

How do I start with the ISO / TS 29001 certification training?

If you are ready to take on the challenge of obtaining ISO / TS 29001 certification, our expert will guarantee a valuable experience that will meet your needs and become part of our global network.

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