ISO 55001 Certification

The ISO 55001 standard gives companies the ability to manage and manage the life cycle of a plant. Depending on the nature of the asset, the life cycle of the asset goes through several phases, such as acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance. Therefore, ISO 55001 can be applied to all sizes of companies and all types of assets.

Organizations that have adopted ISO 55001 have achieved enormous benefits after implementation. The standard will help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's system and, above all, to achieve its objectives by focusing on risk and cost.

What is ISO 55001 Certification?

ISO 55001 is an asset management system standard whose main objective is to help organizations manage the asset life cycle more effectively. By implementing ISO 55001, companies gain greater control over their daily operations, generate greater returns on their assets and reduce overall risk costs.

This rule applies to all organizational structures of companies and all types of assets. The concrete results consist of an increase in effectiveness combined with drastically reduced unit costs. This framework also supports continuous performance improvement and improvements for companies of all types, types and sizes.

Why is ISO 55001 asset management important to you?

ISO 55001 leads to significant improvements in asset management, which allows it to meet the needs of stakeholders, companies and laws. It is the most effective defense of the company to save money and time. By properly managing assets, you can take advantage of available assets, optimize their use and add value to the company.

It is designed to help you deal with processes and risks that will improve your current and future business performance. In addition, the implementation of an asset management system that complies with ISO 55001 allows the organization to align its objectives with the objectives of the asset management system, which leads the organization to the expected results. In addition, ISO 55001 aligns corporate objectives with asset management objectives, since the objective of asset management is to achieve business objectives.

Advantages of ISO 55001 certification for your business:

  • Improved performance of asset management and life cycle control.
  • Reduced risks and costs associated with the possession of assets.
  • Identify and promote more efficient and time-saving processes.
  • Provides and maintains business growth.
  • Enhanced Business Performance
  • Improvement of the quality of products and/or services.
  • Long-term planned investment opportunities
  • Better communication and interdepartmental relationships.
  • Improve the reputation of the organization.

Advantages of the ISO 55001 certification for its customers:

  • Better quality and sustainability of services.
  • Managed risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Increased credibility
  • Less returned products and / or complaints

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