ISO 18788 Certification

ISO 18788 Private Security Operations Management Systems Certification

What is ISO 18788 Certification?

ISO 18788 specifies the requirements and provides guidelines for organizations that perform or require security measures. It also provides a framework to configure, implement, operate, monitor, audit, maintain and improve a security operations management system. It allows the continuous development of security services while ensuring customer safety and respect for human rights. This standard demonstrates compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights and the establishment of professional safety measures to better meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.

The ISO 18788 standard provides a management system framework for private security operations by developing the principles and requirements to establish, implement, operate, monitor, verify, maintain and improve the management of security operations.

ISO 18788 provides a business and risk management framework for the effective execution of security operations. It is very important to identify your stakeholders, including employees, customers, local communities and subcontractors. In addition, this standard provides security for the quality and experience of security organizations working in complex and fragile environments.

Why is the ISO 18788 security operations management system important to you?

The importance of ISO 18788 is based on the organization's ability to identify appropriate regulatory and regulatory policies and to support commercial functions and the supply chain. This standard is appropriate for any organization that implements or entrusts security measures. ISO 18788 certification helps you configure, implement, maintain and improve a security operations management system while ensuring that the organization has implemented effective administration controls.
In addition, it demonstrates the organization's commitment to continuously provide quality services that meet the needs of the client, protect the reputation of the client and the organization, while complying with applicable laws and human rights requirements. By participating in the PECB training courses and acquiring the ISO 18788 credentials, you get the experience you need to help an organization implement and administer a Private Security Operations Management System (SOMS). In addition, you will acquire the skills necessary to manage a Security Operations team.

Benefits of ISO 18788 certification for your business:

  • Give credibility and protect your reputation
  • Increase the probability of operational success
  • Provides security to customers, governments and communities.
  • Demonstrates responsibility before the law and respect for human rights.
  • Increase organizational productivity with the best practices approach "Plan, Do, Check, Act"
  • It presents consistent and comprehensive means to demonstrate effective corporate governance from board level to physical delivery

Advantages of ISO 18788 certification for its customers:

  • Help your clients protect their reputation.
  • It provides a commitment to best practices for security operations.
  • Proof of compliance with legal obligations and relevant principles
  • It guarantees respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

How do I start with ISO 18788 certification training?

If you need help getting started, help our experts implement the best security practices in your business. With the right combination of approach and commitment, you can get ISO 18788 certification and stand out from the crowd.

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