ISO 28000 Certification

ISO 28000 was developed in response to the needs of the transport and logistics industry for a universally applicable safety management system for supply chain security.

However, companies in many other industries find it useful to assess security risks, carry out controls and take measures to address potential security threats and the implications of the supply chain. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction also benefit from this management system.

The requirements for ISO 28000 include all the critical aspects to ensure security in the supply chain. Some examples include financing, manufacturing, information management and facilities for the packaging, storage and transshipment of goods between vehicles and locations.

What is ISO 28000?

ISO 28000 is an international standard that addresses the requirements of a security management system (SMS) for the supply chain. Identify aspects that should help the organization assess and manage security threats as they occur in its supply chain. Security management is related to other aspects of corporate governance. With ISO 28000, organizations can determine whether appropriate security measures exist and protect their properties against various threats.

Why is the Supply Chain Security Management System important to you?

An ISO 28000 certification shows that you are a benefit to your business and that you are a reliable expert. It can help the organization establish a security management system (SMS) that provides adequate management and control of security and threats posed by logistics companies and supply chain partners. With the ISO 28000 certification, it obtains market visibility and helps your organization improve its profitability and quality.

Benefits of the ISO 28000 supply chain security management system

An ISO 28000 certificate offers many advantages:

  • Global recognition
  • Competitive advantage in the market
  • Increased reliability
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Opportunity to win new business
  • The ability to control and manage threats within a company.

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